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New arrival motorcycle 35W A8 H6 Swing all in one hid kit

  • Guangzhou
  • Hongmao

Product Details

                Motorcycle H6 Swing all in one hid kit


1)Input voltage range: 9-16V;

2)Rated voltage: 12V;

3) stable voltage: 85V±15V;

4)Max. Start voltage: 23KV;

5)Startup current: 29W< 3.9A;

6)Operating current: 29W=2.8A;

7)Output power: 29W±1W;

8)Operating temperature: -40℃~120℃;

9)Lumen: 3200Lm~3600Lm(4300K);

10)Lifespan: more than 3000hours;

11)Light failure: <30%;

12)Conversion efficiency: 25W≈86%;

13) color temperature: 3000K-30000K;

14) ballast style: A8;


1) 5 times the brightness of the original car upgrade;

2)Original one ballast;

3)Original dedicated ballast, ultra-small size;

4)Low-power design;

5)Developed specially for the motorcycle circuit.

6)With A8 ballast.

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