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Factory Price 55W quick start Xenon Ballast F5

  • HM-F5
  • Guangzhou
  • Hongmao

Product Details

Factory Price 55W quick start Xenon Ballast F5 


* Quick Start: only 1 second

Input Voltage R Ange: 9V-16Vdc


Operating Voltage:13.2VDC Typical

Input CUrrent:3 A DC(13.2V DC In)


Output power:55W Power


Output Frequency:380Hz-400Hz


Output Voltage:70V-180V True RMS Squqre Wave


Operating Temperature:-40~+150


Storage Temperature:-40~+150


Efficiency:88%With Input 13.2v DC Condition


High Effciency,Low power,and High Reliabitity


Advantages:  Quick star: 25%of objective luminous flux can be reached within

                           1 Sencond,80%of objective luminous flux can be reached within 4sencond 


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